ASP Course

ASP Course

Goal: Introduce ASP for the first time to Computer Science students (Bachelor/Master) in a practical way. They should be able to install clingo, build their own programs and learn the basics of using clingo with Python.


  • Introduction/motivation about what ASP is, workflow and basic example programs. (slides.pdf)
  • Examples: graph_coloring, tsp, n-queens, sudoku
  • The grounding process and output formats (aspif for example).
  • Advanced examples like Hanoi Towers and Incremental Hanoi Towers.
  • Introduce python functionalities for clingo
  • Understand the basics of the solving process by means of exploring clingo’s theory propagator and clingo-python API.
  • Learn the insights of watching literals, checking truth values of literals, get the models in python and implement some integrity constraints in a lazy way.
  • And more…


Resources (Coming Soon)

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